Established in 2001, New Trio Fisheries is a renowned import and exporter for Tropical Marine Life in Singapore. With more than 14 yeas of experience in this line, you can be sure they are no ordinary entrepreneurs. Humbly located at Lim Chu Kang, Neo Tiew Crescent, the land based fish farm spreads across a whopping 7 hectares of land, home to more than a hundred species of marine life. Housing several state of the art technologies pertinent to the sustenance, breeding and research and development purposes of marine life, New Trio Fisheries hope to extend its knowledge and expertise on Tropical Marine Life to all who are interested. More than just an import and exporter in tropical marine life, New Trio Fisheries is a one-stop service provider to all your marine life needs!

Generally, the tropical marine life dealt with at New Trio Fisheries consists of live seafood, exotic sea creatures for both public and private aquarium, as well as exotic corals. The produce largely came from Hawaii, Red Sea, the Caribbean, and islands in the Philippines. However, New Trio Fisheries are also open to import requests from clients to satisfy their preferences to any kinds of Marine Life they are interested in buying. Our client ranges from the managements of large and reputable public aquariums, to small and large seafood restaurants, to passionate marine life collectors of all ages. There is something for everyone at New Trio Fisheries!

Also, more than just supplying imported marine life to buyers, New Trio Fisheries are taking an advanced step in the research and development of hatching and breeding different varieties of exotic sea creatures and corals and also looking into developing a treatment plant to produce treated sea water. To contribute back to the environment, New Trio Fisheries pledge to do our part in conserving the nature and actively seek solutions to prevent water and sea pollution.

All in all, New Trio Fisheries provide all kinds of services in regards to Tropical Marine Life. To find out more, drop us an enquiry email and we would gladly be at your service as soon as we can!

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