Also known as a one-stop service provider for marine life, New Trio Fisheries does more than just selling of tropical marine life. Other value added services include:

Aquarium Set up

  • Fully equipped with advanced filter system built specially for treated sea water
  • Rockscaping services, which comprises of the overall design of the aquarium to mimic the natural habitat of the marine life in question
  • Overall check on the sustenance of the aquarium, making sure it is optimised before adding the marine life

Aquarium Maintenance

  • Bi-monthly service to maintain the aquarium
  • Cleaning of tank and water filter system
  • Change or upgrade equipment whenever necessary

Treated Seawater

New Trio Fisheries also take on the responsibility to supply treated seawater for both public and private aquariums. To transport these treated seawater, a customised heavy-duty stainless steel tanker is being used to transport the seawater, making sure no contamination occurs.


One of the specialties that New Trio Fisheries offer to our customers is a hatchery program that we have. More than just housing exotic marine life and seafood, we have an in-house hatchery to bring life to marine life as well! Due to the requires of certain aquariums or fish farms, fishes has to be grown to certain sizes before they can be kept in aquariums or ponds with netting. In New Trio Fisheries, we have a well-equipped hatchery, together with self-developed feeding technology (of Copepods and Rotifers) for the successful breeding and nurturing of fishes.

Recently, New Trio Fisheries has embarked on a journey to contribute back to the environment. Targeting to complete the project as soon as possible, New Trio Fisheries is in the process of developing a state of the art technology to treat contaminated seawater before pumping the water back into the sea.

Recognizing that sea pollution is rampant in this trade, New Trio Fisheries pledge to do our part in conserving the environment where all the amazing marine life came from.

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